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Red Velvet Cookies

December 12, 2012


 I had a Pot Luck Christmas Party to attend this week and decided to make these festive red velvet cookies. I used this recipe and I’m extremely pleased with it, probably the best I’ve come across. Notice it says white vinegar, but I read that lemon juice is a substitute for it. I didn’t have the time to run up to the store so I decided to take the risk. In all honesty you couldn’t tell and noone even knew. They were a huge hit

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  1. December 12, 2012 3:11 pm

    Yum! I’ve only ever made red velvet cupcakes, but cookies sound equally as amazing. I’ll definitely be trying these out!

    The Glossy Life

  2. December 12, 2012 3:47 pm

    Red velvet is my absolute favorite!! These sound and look amazing. xo, Julie

  3. December 12, 2012 4:48 pm

    yum! this looks so gooood! I had red velvet cookies from Panera and since then, i’ve been meaning to make some 🙂

  4. December 12, 2012 5:13 pm

    Mmmmm yummy! They look delicious. I’ve never seen red velvet cookies!


  5. December 12, 2012 5:32 pm

    yum! those look amazing!! xx


  6. December 12, 2012 6:31 pm

    These look amazing!!! Definitely making these one of these days.

    ❤ Josephine

  7. December 12, 2012 8:30 pm

    You rock honey,love it!;-)

  8. December 12, 2012 9:40 pm

    Those look great! I love everything that has to do with red velvet!

  9. December 13, 2012 12:07 am

    I’ve never tried red velvet cookie before but these look dangerously delicious.

  10. December 13, 2012 9:53 am

    Oh my goodness, these look absolutely divine! I seriously wish I had an oven so I could whip up a bath right now – and you know, eat them all before they cooled 😉

  11. colinechavaroche permalink
    December 13, 2012 12:14 pm

    Seems delicious

    New post on :


  12. kiwi permalink
    December 13, 2012 12:14 pm

    Thanks for your comment!
    These cookies looks soooo yummy! Love them (just like the bikini one post ago…).

  13. December 13, 2012 5:32 pm

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Means a bunch. And oh boy, these cookies look delicious. Sounds even better with the substitute of lemon juice! Could you tell the difference in taste at all?

    p.s. loving your ‘nice’ spatula!

  14. December 13, 2012 8:06 pm

    oh my gosh, those look delicious!

  15. December 13, 2012 8:55 pm

    those cookies look so yummy! love it xx

  16. December 13, 2012 9:19 pm

    I’ve never had red velvet cookies! They look delish!

  17. December 13, 2012 9:20 pm

    mmm looks good. what a great idea!

    allyssa ❤

  18. December 14, 2012 1:14 am

    They definitely look like they would be a huge hit! Wow and yum!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. 😉
    Your newest follower,

  19. December 14, 2012 3:47 am

    These look delicious! I don’t think I’ve ever had red velvet cookies!

  20. December 14, 2012 1:59 pm

    Oh man, they look quite tasty with the white chocolate chunks

  21. Annie permalink
    December 14, 2012 2:02 pm

    Oh YUM – my stomach just growled looking at those cookies 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  22. December 14, 2012 3:10 pm

    they look amazing..i will try…

  23. December 14, 2012 4:49 pm

    They look so yummy! Would love to try one.


  24. December 14, 2012 6:32 pm

    what???? Red cake is my favorite and I can’t understand how it is possible that I did not know this level of heaven existed. Thank you SOOO much for sharing 🙂

  25. December 14, 2012 7:34 pm

    Oh my YUM! These look so delicious!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  26. December 14, 2012 8:34 pm


  27. December 16, 2012 12:00 pm

    the choc chip made the cookies look even better!!! I am so tempted to learn to make some now!

  28. December 16, 2012 9:16 pm

    Oh my gosh those look so yummy!!

  29. December 17, 2012 4:02 pm

    These look delicious! Can’t wait to try out this recipe!

  30. December 17, 2012 4:03 pm

    Those look delicious! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  31. Julie permalink
    December 18, 2012 4:40 pm

    Oh this looks tasty!!!! Love the blog girl! Totally following

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