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Prom Season |

March 25, 2014

Since 2014 Prom Season is right around the corner this means you must go out and find that perfect dress! I don’t know about you but finding a prom dress was always a challenge for me, I remember shopping at Macy’s and always worrying about if some girl was going to have the same gown as me. When I found Victoria’s Dress I was incredibly excited they have hundreds of unique prom dresses that I feel fits almost any style. Since you always want your prom dress to be perfect and most of the gowns we see on celebrities are outrageously expensive Victoria’s Dress makes their gowns incredibly affordable with good quality pieces.

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My Personal favorite of the dresses are 2, 3 and 7

Victoria’s Dress on average is $140.00 which I think is amazing. Most prom dresses average around $300.00 excluding shipping ect.. I think VIctoria’s Dress is defiantly a bang for your buck. They have short prom dresses, long prom dresses, plus size prom dresses, cheap and sexy ones too!

But if you’re not looking for a prom dress that’s alright they also have gorgeous formal evening dresses which are also very cheap evening dresses! I don’t think you can really go wrong with Victoria’s Dress they have so many different styles to choose from that will fit your personality.

Another thing I absolutely love is they have replica of celebrity dresses!You know at the Oscars and other award shows we all just watch for the gowns right? Well your dream has come true you can find so many replicas on Victoria’s Dress!

Heres a little tips on how to dress your body type.

Pear Shaped I think if you went with a darker color on the bottom and bright colors/bold prints on the top also go with more a drop waist It’ll elongate you!

Apple Shaped I would go with Empire waists I think it’ll add more definition to your waist to also give you that gorgeous womanly hour glass shape we all work for!

Hourglass Shape Something fitted at your waste, V-necks an wear fabrics that drape smooth. Pencil Shape Find a very feminine dress something pink flowy, I’d go for more of a long sheath type of dress. Sexy Prom Dress

Strawberry Shape I’d go for a darker dress, something with a v-neck and just a dress. You’ll want something more body hugging, sow off those curves girl!

I think no matter what size/shape you are if you go with a traditional A line dress you’ll always be safe! I think it adds definition to your waste and gives you a gorgeous shape! also has a whole bunch of wedding dresses which really appealed to me! They also have dresses that will work for bridesmaids as well and for cheap prices! Their sizing runs from (1-Petite – 54W, Custom Made so there is an option for everyone which I think is great.

I know that finding a dress can be super hard sometimes but try to keep a positive outlook on the whole thing. This is your high school years and enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy prom dress shopping even though there can be drama that comes along with it; you can make it a good time too.

Make sure you share Victoria’s Dress with your friends and have a happy prom!

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